Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph Class 8,9

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Dhaka Metro Rail

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Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph Class 9

Present Bangladesh has been transformed into a digital age. So various developmental projects have already been undertaken by the government. Of course, the biggest project is the Dhaka Metro Rail Development Project. This metro rail appeared in the city of Dhaka. A 20 km metro route was constructed from Dhaka Uttara. There are 16 stations on this route. Among the notable ones are Mirpur, Uttara, Rokeya Sanare, Farmgate, Sonargaon Hotel, Shahabagh, Khamarbari, Naya Paltan, Doel Chatwar and Tejgaon. The total cost of Dhaka Capital Metrorail is estimated to be around Tk 22 thousand crores. So this money will help different countries to Bangladesh without interest. Of these, the Japanese government has helped with the maximum amount of money.

Bangladesh Dhaka Metrorail construction work started on 20th July 2015. So the work will be completed in 2023. Dhaka metro rail work has already been completed. The auspicious inauguration of Dhaka Metro will be held in a few days. The main function of Dhaka Metro is to remove traffic congestion. For this, the Bangladesh government accepted the plan to build the Dhaka Metrorail. The main reason for the current traffic congestion in the capital of Bangladesh. So communication system is important for doing other work. That’s why the Bangladesh government took the metro rail system. Metrorail will take less time to travel. So I hope that Bangladesh Metrorail will have a good effect on the people.

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph Class 8

Dhaka Metro Rail is a luxury transport company. Providing reliable and comfortable transportation to thousands of passengers through metro rail. Through this people are freed from traffic congestion and air pollution. Currently, this metro increases the employment of the general public. Metrorail has six lines and its total length is about 30 km. Presently Metrorail has many stations. Passengers can reach their destination directly from the station. A distance medium is Metrorail. From here especially in the capital residents are free from traffic jams. So day by day metro rail demand is very high. That’s why the Bangladesh government has accepted the plan. Metrorail is very well managed. So the authorities have taken various steps.

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph, 100 Words

The main goal is to decongest the metro rail. The metro rail is located at a great distance from the ground. So the metro rail is being built in the city for the distance movement of busy people. So currently the general public is benefiting. The capital of Bangladesh is a densely populated city. So common people are suffering. For this, the government of Bangladesh does not have any problem with the transportation of common people. So the authorities have taken the measures of Metrorail. From Uttara to Agargaon common people are free from traffic jams. Metro rail work is almost complete. A few days ago the authorities inaugurated. So every hour 60000 passengers travel by metro rail.

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph, 150 Words

Metrorail is a high-speed system that decongests the capital. Metro Rail has given a beautiful city to the present traffic jam city. It takes little time to go from one place to another. So the common man has been freed from the suffering of commuting. When a country becomes developed. Then the transportation system is to make the most beautiful. So the authorities have taken up big projects to beautify the transportation system. Among them, Dhaka Metro Rail is one of the most important. After the metro rail is completed, any place can be reached within walking distance. Various activities are conducted to make the metro rail a beauty. There are 16 stations. 16 stations provide services to the general public. So now common people have benefited a lot.

Dhaka Metro Rail Paragraph,200 Words

Metro Rail is a high-speed communication system. Saves time and money for people living in Dhaka city. Metrorail is made of steel and iron. Dhaka City Corporation has taken this project to reduce the current traffic congestion in Dhaka city. After the auspicious inauguration of Dhaka Metro Rail. It has the capacity to transport 5 lakh passengers per day. About 60 thousand people can travel every hour. That is why Bangladesh has a visible metro rail. Bangladesh government started the economic Metrorail activities. The construction work of Metrorail started in 2015. Since then common people have worked hard for metro rail. Metrorail has various patient transportation facilities. A lot of distance can go from one place to another in time. Provision of tickets for metro rail travel. Only those who can buy tickets can enjoy the benefits. No person can enter the metro rail without a ticket. So if you want to be a Metrorail passenger. No doubt you need to collect tickets. Then you will be considered as a passenger of Metrorail.


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